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How To Write A Review For Your Wedding Vendors

There is nothing more comforting to future brides and grooms than hearing from past couples who have hired a vendors they are considering. Sharing your experience could be just the thing a bride and groom need to hear to help a vendor stand out among the multitudes of talented business owners in their area. Sitting […]

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Will The Coronavirus Affect My Wedding Day?

Will The Coronavirus Affect My Wedding Day? Can we have an open and honest conversation about the coronavirus? There seem to be 3 popular reactions when this virus, that is now considered a pandemic, is brought up. One side believes that the coronavirus is not a big deal, is just like the flu, and will […]

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What A Wedding Coordinator Is And Why You Should Hire One

Not a reader? Listen to the audio of this post below! Last year I met up with Jessica Tung (Owner of Wichita Coordination) to learn a little about her, her business, and what exactly a wedding coordinator does. I was blown away as she began to describe the role her and the team she leads […]

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4 Biggest Regrets That Brides Have About Their Wedding Day

  Not a reader? Listen to the audio of this post below!   Regret is such a heavy thing. When people think of their wedding day, the last thing they want to be associated with it is regret.   I recently posted on my personal facebook page and asked people to share their biggest regret […]

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7 Tips For Brides Attending The Bridal Show

The holiday season has passed and it’s highly likely you know someone who got engaged during that time. It’s even more likely that they will be attending Wichita’s Bridal Expo this weekend. I often talk to brides who have high hopes about the bridal fair but walk away feeling overwhelmed with the crowds or underwhelmed by the number of vendors they chose to work with. I have even had brides tell me that…

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3 Tips To Keep People From Leaving Your Wedding Reception Early

Can I share a heartbreaking moment with you that I have seen play out at many wedding receptions? Allow me to paint a mental picture.

“The lovely couple have landed their top pick for a reception venue. Their theme is “rustic/farmhouse” and their decorations are on point! The caterers are one of the hottest food trucks in town and they are setting up a buffet style spread that is responsible for a room full of watering mouths. One hundred fifty people arrive to welcome the lovely couple and their bridal party as they make their grand entrance. One hour after the grand entrance dinner is still happening and there are one hundred people remaining, Twenty minutes after that, toasts have happened but nothing else. Fifty people remain and thirty-five of those people are family! There are still 2 hours left for your party but aunt Becky and a few cousins are the only ones left on the dance. Seems like this party is, unfortunately, winding down.”

Sadly, I witness scenarios like this enough to write a blog post about it.

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3 Questions To Ask Yourself When Choosing A Photographer!

So the time has come for you to book a photography session. Maybe you have a senior who will be graduating high school soon that needs photos taken. Maybe you realized it’s been 5 years since your last family photo. Maybe you are welcoming in a new addition to your family and you want photos of them. Whatever your reason may be…

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