What A Wedding Coordinator Is And Why You Should Hire One

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Last year I met up with Jessica Tung (Owner of Wichita Coordination) to learn a little about her, her business, and what exactly a wedding coordinator does. I was blown away as she began to describe the role her and the team she leads plays on a wedding day! I seriously wish I would have known what a wedding coordinator was when Lara and I got married…it would have saved us so much stress the day of our wedding! I reached out to Jessica and asked her to write a blog post that I could feature on my site to inform Brides why they should hire a coordinator!

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What A Wedding Coordinator Is And Why You Should Hire One

Just think about your wedding day. You’ve worked so hard to bring all of it together—not only the centerpieces, the decor, the menu, and everything else that people think about when the subject of wedding planning comes up, but literally everything else that keeps you up at night. You may have thought (or maybe you still think) that once you got your decor taken care of the wedding would be good to go. Now you’ve realized (or you will) that there is SO much more that goes into the biggest day of your life.


This is probably the largest or most detailed event you’ll ever put on, even if you’ve decided on a low-key day. There are plenty of logistics to work out from who’s going to refill the food on the buffet line and when, to who is going to make sure the groomsmen get their boutonnieres on without a fuss, to who is going to cue the processional, and all the rest. These are the things that’ll have you waking up in the middle of the night in sweats if you’re that kind of person.


Here’s the deal: you don’t have to handle all these details and logistics yourself. Wedding coordinators exist to take all of the logistical stress off of you so that you can truly enjoy the day you’ve worked so hard for.


Each coordinator may provide slightly different services and packages, but we all execute wedding days for a living. Whether you need someone to keep things on time, keep an eye on a rambunctious bridal party, set up and tear down your decor, or cut the cake because no one else is planning on it, we’re your wing people and your biggest advocates on the day of your wedding.

But why should you hire one? Here are a few reasons:



1.) You deserve to enjoy your wedding and be present for it.


Once again, there are a myriad of details that go into successfully pulling off a wedding day. If you don’t have a designated person to field questions and comments, you’ll end up having to communicate with vendors and guests. That might surprise you, but many guests don’t understand that it’s not a great idea to intrude on the bride’s getting-ready time or photo time. On top of that, vendors will probably need some direction on the day of the wedding to do their jobs well, and they’ll either come to you or your closest people for any help or clarification they may need.

This is the only day of your life where things are all about you, so you shouldn’t be working on your wedding day! Having a coordinator allows you to trust that someone else knows the game plan for your big day just as well as you do so that you can relax and know that they’re taking care of everything for you.



2.) Your mom and your friends should get to enjoy the day too.


Even if I already have you convinced that having a coordinator is a fantastic idea, you may be thinking, “Why don’t I just have my friend do it?” The answer is simple: whoever is running the day for you probably won’t be very present to celebrate it with you. One of the reasons why I started Wichita Coordination is because my mom and my maid of honor executed my day, and I barely saw them. I’m disappointed that my MOH wasn’t with me on the dance floor because she was cleaning up the ceremony so we could leave the venue on time. I’m sad that I didn’t speak with my mom at all after the ceremony because she was taking care of bussing tables and taking out trash. These were all things that a coordinator could have done.



3.) There are a lot of details and logistics that probably won’t cross your mind until the week of the wedding if you’re going solo.


If it’s your first wedding (and it probably is), there are going to be things you don’t know to plan for. You may not think of those things until you’re looking at all your decor and you realize you may not have enough time to set it all up, for instance. A coordinator will help you go over your timeline and all of your details to make sure that all of your expectations and big ideas can and will be carried out, and they’ll also help you hammer out the finer details that often get lost.



4.) Coordinators don’t have to bleed you dry, and it’s not too late.


Even if you now know you need a coordinator, you may be scared of the price tag that comes with one. You don’t have to be! Many coordinators offer budget-friendly services or package options for brides who didn’t factor them into their budgets or who don’t have a lot to begin with. In fact, Wichita Coordination began specifically to serve budget brides who couldn’t afford other local coordinators in our area.

Even if you can only afford to hire a coordinator for a couple of hours, many of us have free consultations and would be happy to sit down with you and figure out the best use of your money. You could also consider asking a (not too close) friend who you trust to coordinate your day! Many of us coordinators offer paid consultations where we can work out your timeline and details with you so that your friend has a solid plan for the day.

Additionally, don’t worry if your wedding is already near. Many coordinators are used to the fact that people don’t know we exist, and we often get asked to take on weddings much later than other vendors. It’s part of the industry! It NEVER hurts to ask if someone is available or to request a quote from them. If you never ask, you’ll never know!


Let me leave you with a word of encouragement: at the end of your wedding day, you’ll be married. That’s the bottom line for a successful wedding, and even if you or a loved one coordinates your own wedding and has to deal with details throughout the night, you’ll be married. So take a deep breath and don’t let anything I’ve said stress you out. However, if you see the value in having someone else execute your day, don’t hesitate to reach out. Every bride deserves to enjoy the biggest day of her life—even you.



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February 7, 2020

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