Stone Hill Wedding: Baylee and Landon

This is gonna be a long one folks. Every wedding Lara and I photograph is important to us, but we have been friends of Landon and Baylee for the past 3 1/2 years and I’ve known Landon since he was in 7th grade. These two humans mean so much to Lara and I. We have been in a community of faith together and I have had a front-row seat to not only seeing their love for one another grow but their faith as well. 

Lara and I started meeting with Landon and Baylee once a month to hangout. During one of our first hangouts, I asked them if they have talked about marriage, and if so what’s holding you back from taking the plunge? I’ll never forget their faces…they just kind of looked at us as if that was something they both wanted, but felt so so so far away. A big chunk of the obstacles that they felt were in their way, were how young they were and financial uncertainty. I asked them how much they would need to live, but they hadn’t thought that far ahead yet. We challenged them to create a budget and figure out how much they would need to make as a couple to pay the bills. The next time we met a month later they had researched apartment costs, utility estimate costs, and had come up with a number! Marriage didn’t feel so far off all of a sudden. 

Fast forward to when Landon proposed (You can read about it here) and Lara and I played a role in that as well! I’ve said this multiple times throughout their engagement, but I have never been as confident in the longevity of a marriage than I have with Landon and Baylee. They have faced trials that many married couples have never faced. They have faced losing loved ones, job uncertainty, planning a wedding during a pandemic, and major health issues that landed them in the hospital for weeks! Their perseverance and faith through every challenge they have faced is inspiring and I cannot wait to see what these two accomplish as a team! 

Their wedding day was such a beautiful celebration of their love! They were originally going to get married at Noah’s Event Venue, but Noahs closed their doors nationwide last year! Baylee and Landon got to work on finding a new venue and they ended up choosing Stone Hill Barn in Augusta, KS!

As you scroll through their photos below, you a guaranteed to feel so many emotions. You will see Baylee and her father sharing an intimate moment during their daddy-daughter first look. You will see Landon be overtaken with emotion as he sees Baylee for the first time during their first look. You will see Baylee and Landon worship during their wedding ceremony. You will laugh as you see Landon moonwalk into their grand entrance and scroll through the dance photos! I hope you enjoy looking at their photos as much as we enjoyed taking them! Landon and Baylee, Lara and I love you guys both so much!

If you are a friend or loved one, please drop a comment below Baylee and Landon!

If you are a friend or loved one, please drop a comment below Baylee and Landon!

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July 22, 2020

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