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photographers you'd love spending your wedding day around (& Even grab a beer with!)

hey friends!

For us, wedding photography has always been about the couple

Hi friends! Chris here! Is it okay that I call you friend? Because if we grab coffee or a beer soon it's only a matter of time before we are hitting it off! Wedding photography has always been about the couple for us. We truly care about each and every one of our couples and are always honored when someone chooses us to photograph their big day.

Our goal is always to form a connection with our couples because we know when our couples feel comfortable around us prior to the wedding, magic will happen in front of the camera on wedding day. You can expect to laugh a ton with us, feel comfortable around us, and breathe a sigh of relief because you know that we have your back on your wedding day.

Chris and Lara are some of the most fun, flexible people I've ever worked with! My entire family had comments to make on how kind and attentive they were.

- Emma

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Chris and Lara. By the end of the day, Marty and I both felt like we had new friends!

- karen

From the first time we met, they became much more than just our photographers.

- Dan


Your Wedding Day Director

With Chris guiding you through your day, you are going to feel like no matter what situation arises, everything is going to be fine. He problems solves on the fly and thrives under the pressure that wedding days can sometimes bring. Couples consistently mention how taken care of they felt on their wedding days knowing that Chris was leading the day well. Weddings have so many moving parts. Not only is there the actual aspect of photography that happens, but your wedding day involves your friends and family. Chris helps create an environment that is enjoyable and memorable for your loved ones!


Your Wedding Day Support


Lara brings a presence and energy that is an absolute necessity on your wedding day. She radiates peace but in the most fun way. She is a fantastic photographer that has a true eye for the small details on wedding days, but that isn't even the best part of what she brings to the table. Lara provides support for brides on their wedding days that they didn't know they needed. Need help with your shoe change? She's got you. Need help reapplying strip lashes or touching up your makeup? She's got you. She is your ultimate wedding day support.


"My entire family had comments to make on how kind and attentive Chris was on one of the most fast-paced, wonderful days of my life. He for sure kept me calm and our pictures are a testament to how talented he is!"

lara, too?

EMMA, a 2020 bride put it this way: 

"She was a calm presence, doing whatever I needed in the moment - holding lip gloss, stashing the groom’s phone during family photos, making me giggle when she checked on me, helping me take my veil out without destroying my hair."


Megan, a 2021 bride put it this way: 

A Few of Our Favorites


Our kiddos, sterling & ellie along with our pup, canon The Corgi! (Yes, Named after The cameras)


Local Brewery Hangouts and Craft beers are our PREFERRED date night


We live for Slow mornings with natural lighting beaming through the windows and warm drinks in our hands


Inappropriate jokes and laughing about things you shouldn't laugh about is a daily OCCURRENCE in our lives


Vinyl Records on a cloudy day

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