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Engagement Session: Erin and Alex

This engagement session was full of multiple firsts! This was actually Lara’s first engagement session that she has tagged along to photograph with me and I loved having her there. Not only does she capture amazing photos, but she also brings a relaxed energy that balances out my “over the top-ness” during a session. Next […]


Intimate Friends Univeristy Wedding: Erin and Marcos

No one could have predicted just how many people’s lives would be affected by a worldwide pandemic. So many couples in our city and around the country have had to pivot and make massive changes to their wedding days. While this is an extremely difficult thing to do and heartbreaking for many brides…I want to […]


Will The Coronavirus Affect My Wedding Day?

Will The Coronavirus Affect My Wedding Day? Can we have an open and honest conversation about the coronavirus? There seem to be 3 popular reactions when this virus, that is now considered a pandemic, is brought up. One side believes that the coronavirus is not a big deal, is just like the flu, and will […]

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Pawnee Prairie Park Engagement Session: Erica and Brett

So I have to give a shout out to Erica and Brett! You wouldn’t be able to tell by these photos, BUT it was like 30 degrees out during their session and they trucked through it with smiles on their faces and didn’t complain once! You guys are the real MVP’s! When I first connected […]


Why I Love Photographing Weddings

I recently had a potential bride ask me the following question: What’s your favorite part of shooting weddings? If I’m being honest, I was caught off guard by this question. I had never had someone ask me this before. I know I love photographing weddings, but I had never really thought about what my favorite […]


What A Wedding Coordinator Is And Why You Should Hire One

Not a reader? Listen to the audio of this post below! Last year I met up with Jessica Tung (Owner of Wichita Coordination) to learn a little about her, her business, and what exactly a wedding coordinator does. I was blown away as she began to describe the role her and the team she leads […]

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4 Biggest Regrets That Brides Have About Their Wedding Day

  Not a reader? Listen to the audio of this post below!   Regret is such a heavy thing. When people think of their wedding day, the last thing they want to be associated with it is regret.   I recently posted on my personal facebook page and asked people to share their biggest regret […]

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To Hell With The Hustle – Book Review

>> View To Hell With The Hustle on Amazon You roll into bed exhausted from the day and count how many hours of sleep you will get if you fall asleep now. You think to yourself “Only 5 hours? That isn’t enough”. Your eyes shut and sleep greets you but rest does not make any […]


7 Tips For Brides Attending The Bridal Show

The holiday season has passed and it’s highly likely you know someone who got engaged during that time. It’s even more likely that they will be attending Wichita’s Bridal Expo this weekend. I often talk to brides who have high hopes about the bridal fair but walk away feeling overwhelmed with the crowds or underwhelmed by the number of vendors they chose to work with. I have even had brides tell me that…

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The Biggest Lesson I learned in 2020

Do you remember that kid in your middle school class who believed they were never wrong? You know who I’m talking about…” that kid”. The kid who would argue with their teacher every day? The kid who believed their way was the right way and that no one else could possibly be right? Yea, you know the kid I’m talking about and may have even had a slight moment of embarrassment reliving moments from your middle school years. I’ve felt like that kid for most of 2019.


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