Intimate Friends Univeristy Wedding: Erin and Marcos

No one could have predicted just how many people’s lives would be affected by a worldwide pandemic. So many couples in our city and around the country have had to pivot and make massive changes to their wedding days. While this is an extremely difficult thing to do and heartbreaking for many brides…I want to encourage you and let you know that your wedding day can still be an amazing celebration of your love! Marcos and Erin’s big day is proof of that!

I remember having a FaceTime meeting with Erin and Marcos in mid-March to plan out her wedding day timeline. They were supposed to be getting married at Eberly farm in mid-May with hundreds of their closest friends and family. Marcos had family flying in from Brazil and the day was going to one massive celebration of their love! Towards the end of our meeting, I mentioned that COVID19 was starting to impact things for people here in the US and that there might be a slight chance their wedding day was affected. We briefly chatted about it but both didn’t see the virus affecting things that far out.

Fast forward one month and Erin and I are back on a FaceTime call talking through some major adjustments to their wedding day. I remember how positive Erin was even though their day was going to look so different. One of the biggest disappoints that came due to the changes was that Marcos’ family would not be able to attend the wedding in person. Marcos and Erin began to plan an intimate wedding ceremony that would include 10 people and would take place in their newly purchased home and on the front lawn of Friends University.

If I can be honest with you…this might have been one of my favorite weddings ever. I LOVE every wedding I photograph, but there is something so beautiful about all of the extra fluff being stripped from a wedding day and only being left with the bare necessities. The whole day was so laid back and chill. There was 0 stress and no one was in a hurry. Their big day was full of laughs, donuts, soccer, and Mario Kart! Erin and her bridesmaids got ready in their home and had decorated a super cute table with donuts and a donut tower that was topped with a cake. After I documented the brides details and her getting into her dress, I headed to an apartment that Marcos was getting ready at. I was immediately welcomed by his groomsmen and felt like one of the guys! There was not a dull moment amongst these friends all day. After Marcos was ready we headed back to their house where Erin had an emotional first look with her brother. Next up was Marcos to see his beautiful bride for the first time!

Shortly after the first looks took place we headed out to Friends University so that Erin an Marcos could have their ceremony. While there were only 10 people in attendance, hundreds were watching on facebook live! After the ceremony we were able to capture some romantic portraits in the most perfect light! Friends University is seriously such a beautiful campus and their front lawn was perfect for photos! Their ceremony consisted of first dances, cake cutting, popping champagne, and Mario kart! All in all, I’d say their big day was a huge success.

If you are a bride who is stressing out about your wedding day being affected by the virus and having to change your plans…please reach out to me! I would love to help you reimagine your wedding day. I have a few more intimate weddings this year and I can tell you that I am honestly looking forward to them!

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May 19, 2020

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