Intimate Backyard Wedding: Audrey and Leander

Audrey and Leander had big plans for their wedding day pre COVID. They had a gorgeous venue picked out, a bridal party made of their closest loved ones, and a massive reception planned! Like so many other couples a worldwide pandemic changed those plans. They opted to push their celebration out a year, but still wanted to tie the knot on their original wedding date. Even though their day looked a whole lot different than they originally planned, it was full of so much love!

One of my favorite things about Audrey and Leander’s story is that it involves another person, Audrey’s son Jackson. In my personal opinion, a Dad is someone who loves their family unconditionally and does everything they can do to show that love, provide, protect, and choose to show up for their family every day. Leander has stepped up to the plate and is that person for Audrey and Jackson. It takes an extreme level of trust for a mother to let someone step into her and her child’s life. Audrey and Leander’s story is full of trust and love.

This wedding was intimate on so many levels that go beyond the size of it. I got to hear toasts from parents and siblings all describing the beauty of their story. I got to hear personal and vulnerable vows that communicated Audrey and Leander’s commitment to one another. I saw Jackson full of excitement that his Dad was “officially” a part of their family now.

I hope you enjoy scrolling through photos of their big day! Be on the lookout for the big wedding celebration next year on May 29, 2021!

If you are a friend or loved one, please drop a comment below for Audrey, Leander, and Jackson!

Thank you for checking out Audrey and Leander’s wedding photo’s! Feel free to drop them a comment below!


June 13, 2020

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