Engagement Session: Emma and Caleb

I always allow couples to choose where we are going to do their engagement session. Most people don’t have a location in mind and ask for suggestions which I gladly offer depending on what kind of environment they are drawn to. Emma and Caleb knew exactly where they wanted to have their session! They chose two locations that were important to both of them as a couple; their church (Pathway Church) and a field they have watched many sunsets at!

If I’m honest, I do get a little nervous when a couple chooses a location solely because I have no clue what to expect in terms of lighting and shade. My ideal situation is having the sun shining through some trees to give us some evening “glow”. I was soooo excited to see these trees in front of Pathway! The environment was seriously a photographer’s dream!

Not only were our locations perfect, but Emma and Caleb were too. These two were all smiles and laughs during our time together. Check out some of my favorite images from out time together. Emma and Caleb, I’m looking forward to your wedding later this summer!

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June 5, 2020

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