Engagement Session: Aspen and Landon

Almost every couple I photograph mentions that they are worried about being awkward in front of the camera and warns me that might be the case during their engagement session! Aspen mentioned a similar statement to me when we first arrived downtown for the engagement session. You wouldn’t have guessed that was a thought that had even crossed her mind based off of the images below!

Aspen and Landon did fantastic during their engagement session! I always let people know that the first 10 minutes or so are going to feel awkward during our time together, but that is just the nature of having a camera in your face! After about 10 minutes, most couples relax and begin to feel comfortable during our session. By the time we make it to our second location and couples change into their next outfit, they are primed and ready to get back to taking photos!

Their wedding date is quickly approaching! Be on the look out for their wedding blog post towards the end of the month!


June 3, 2020

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