Lifestyle Family Session: The Georges


I was looking forward to this session with The Georges for multiple reasons. Reason number one: they are some of our families best friends! We hang out with them every week and our children LOVE their girls. So naturally, I was pretty excited to take pictures of their family for the third time in 2 years!

Reason number two: this was actually my first lifestyle session that took place completely indoors. Not only that, the George’s have a gorgeous home that Keith built with his bare hands! (literally not joking!). Their home has so many windows, so I knew we would have tons of perfect lighting. I woke up the day of our session to an extremely overcast day when I was hoping for a little more sun. I was a little worried that this might affect our lighting, but everything turned out to be fine.

Reason number three: their family is legitimately the most photogenic family I have ever photographed! My wife and I joke that it is impossible for them to take a bad photo. Their girls totally love having their photos taken as well.

I posted some sneak peeks earlier this week on Facebook, but I wanted to share some more of my favorites in a blog format. This is actually something that I am going to challenge myself to do with every session! Enjoy =)



April 2, 2019

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