Class of 2016: Marissa

I have had the privilege of seeing Marissa mature in an amazing young woman of great character over the past 3 1/2 years. I cannot wait to see what she decides to pursue in her life as far as a career goes, no doubt she will excel in anything she does!

We split her senior shoot into 2 sessions. For this first session my wife and I traveled to Wilson Lake to meet up with Marissa and her family. The lake was significantly lower than it had ever been before, because of this, beautiful rock formations that were hidden under the lake were now exposed! Marissa and her family knew this was a location they wanted to have some senior photos taken at.

A few weeks later we shot Marissa’s 2nd session. Marissa’s mother suggested that we shoot at a family friends driveway that is shaded by trees.  Not only was the background beautiful, but it provided the soft light that photographers love to shoot in!

Last stop for this session was downtown Wichita, home of brick walls and alleys!

Thanks for choosing me to take your photos Marissa! Don’t forget to comment and like this post =).


October 30, 2015

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