Pawnee Prairie Park Engagement Session: Erin and Marcos

I met Erin in 2019 at a wedding. Actually, she was a bridesmaid in Blair‘s wedding (a recent CCP Bride). It’s still so crazy to me that people enjoy the time that they have with Lara and me as bridesmaids and groomsmen, that they reach out to us to shoot their wedding when they get engaged! I met her in Marco’s for coffee just a few weeks ago, she said something that stood out to me. She said that she had been in plenty of weddings before and had worked with multiple photographers, but when she thought about her big day and who she wanted to photograph it, she thought of Lara and I. She said that she loved how we made it a fun and interactive experience for everyone and how we were able to create moments where genuine laughter happened. This was so encouraging to hear!

Later that evening after coffee, I got a text from Erin saying that they wanted to book us for their big day! We immediately set an engagement session date to try to beat out the weather before it got too cold. We actually had to reschedule their first date because of the cold, the temperature was in the high 20s, definitely not ideal
weather to create an experience that they would both enjoy. Luckily the weather was 100 times better the evening of their session! We had sunshine and warmer temperatures.

As we were taking photos during their session Erin was telling me about a time that her and Marcos were hanging out early on in their friendship. She talked about a time that they were in a car together and that she happened to be driving, Marcos was in the backseat and he randomly started giving Erin and earlobe massage. I cracked up laughing when I heard them tell me the story. I looked at Marco’s and asked him why he did that. He looked at me and told me that in Brazil everyone is very affectionate, that’s just how he was raised, so when he was crushing on Erin that was one of the best ways he knew to show affection playfully. Erin mentioned that since they’ve been together she has become a much more affectionate person because of his Brazilian upbringing and background. One of the other things that stood out to me about these two is that Erin took the time to learn Portuguese. This is Marcos’ native language. How freaking awesome is that?! That seriously sounds like a deep and powerful love to me.

These two were so easy to photograph and they are totally adorable!!!! I can’t wait to photograph their wedding this spring!


November 15, 2019

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